Northern Bells - Animal Kingdom

A common fate is shared among three strange creatures. Does the story have an end, or are they caught in an endless cycle?

Northern Bells - Animal Kingdom from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Wiretree - Get Up

A walk through the forest becomes a fight for survival, when an angry tribe of masked trouble makers tries to interrupt a budding romance. 

Wiretree - Get Up from Eric Power on Vimeo.

 While talking with Kevin Peroni of Wiretree about the video, he suggested that I make the story autobiographical.  I took this unique opportunity to tell a nice story of a guy (me) who meets an amazing girl (the beautiful Alicia) and have adventures together.  I knew I wanted the video to be special, so I pitched the concept of cut paper animation mixed with live action footage.  I had experimented with this technique in my last music video for The Boxing Lesson, but wanted to see if I could get it to translate into a piece of film set during the daylight hours.  The Boxing Lesson video, which you can check out here, was done in an almost black and white aesthetic shot during the night.  I was a bit nervous going into production on Get Up, since everything is exposed in the day.  I wasn't sure how well the technique would work.  I'm very pleased with the results though!

As you might gather, the animation was shot using green screen (or green paper rather), and composited on the computer.  For the most part, this is a simple task.  There were a few shots however that made me especially nervous such as this one:
I needed a large group of natives, each with their own unique movement.  I ended up shooting each character separately and combining them all in the editing process.  I was happy with the end results, and much relieved as you can imagine. 

My favorite part of making the video was shooting the scenes of my interactions with Alicia's jungle warrior character.  It's not everyday a guy is lucky enough to not only spend time with his dream girl, but also spend his work day thinking about her! 
So I hope you enjoyed the video!  Let me know what you thought about it, and feel free to share it!
On a personal note, I'm very happy to announce that Alicia and I are engaged!!  Life couldn't be better!!!

P.S. Be on the lookout for yet another animated music video from me soon.



April Update!

Hey everyone! 
I'm happy to tell you that I now have two very fun music videos complete! They will both be released in the near future, and I can't wait to show them to you. I also have an upcoming gaming related animation that will be wrapping soon, but I can't talk about it yet!! In Path of Blood news: I am about to launch into what will hopefully be the final animations for the film. After that it is a matter of putting the sound effects and music in and fine tuning the edit. It's getting close and I'm incredibly excited. Stay tuned. I may or may not do a production diary. I think I'm going to focus on the work, but if I have the time I might have a few words to say. We will see.