Stenciling my pool table

I decided to paint my pool table this weekend after having the idea of these branches and birds.  I had a bit of trouble at first, but soon found a good way to achieve this effect.  It works very well on flat surfaces with little bumps and doesn't cost much at all.  I used contact paper with designs cut out and first tried spray painting it.  This was a bad idea and ended up seeping through the edges.  I found it works best to use a precision brush and carefully layer the exposed area.  Latex paint worked well.  It was pretty simple.  I may add more to the table in the future.  The great thing is if I ever get tired of it I can totally redo it.  


Soaring Soofy

Soaring Soofy
Me and Soofy directed a little cartoon today!  It was a lot of fun.  Shawn Jones provided some great music for it.  Have a watch!


The Soofy Travel Project

I am taking part something really cool called The Soofy Travel Project, where a little robot doll is sent around the world to various artists and do gooders for a little visit and a bit of inspiration. I just received him yesterday and am working on something fun. I may be done later today with it but we will see. Anyways, take a look at how cool this little guy is!!
For more information on the project visit the website: 
this project was created by the wonderful Karen Abad