Life on Paper - Of Pets and Babies

The latest episode of Life on Paper is up!  It chronicles the reaction our pets gave to the arrival of a newborn in the house.


2016 Stop Motion DEMO REEL

I put together a demo reel showcasing my work in recent years. It's been a while since I've done this and it's kind of cool to be able to see all the various styles edited together in one video! Special shout out to my favorite composer John Dixon for The Inventor proof of concept score I'm using here. It's really awesome to be able to hear this isolated from the sound design of the trailer. So, I suggest watching the animated reel then going back and rewatching with your eyes closed to fully immerse yourself in the sound. Check out his other work here: www.manybirthdays.net Oh and hire me if you need fantastic animation!
Eric Power: 2016 DEMO REEL (Stop Motion Animator) from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Life on Paper - Postpartum

Birth is a crazy thing. Now, what happens after birth is also quite intense. In episode 3 of Life on Paper we take a look at the postpartum period and Alicia's recovery from a very dramatic birth experience and c-section. Also, the shock of being parents starts to set in.


The Inventor - Proof of Concept Trailer

Determined to forge her own path, young Amira escapes from the orphanage and lands a job assisting an eccentric inventor with his flying machine for an upcoming race.
Animated & Directed by Eric Power
Screenplay by Andreas Petersen
Original Score by John Dixon

The Inventor is a family adventure feature created in cut paper stop motion animation. 

We are seeking producers and investors interested in helping us achieve our goal of making a wildly entertaining animated adventure on a crazy low budget (yes it CAN be done!)
To request the full proposal wherein everything is layed out in detail, email Eric Power @ clearfilms@gmail.com