AEGES - Weightless

In the far reaches of space an explorer comes across an object of immense multi dimensional power. Take a ride through the multiverse with my latest psychedelic music video for Aeges, which just so happens to be my 40th animated music video!

AEGES - Weightless from Eric Power on Vimeo.


David Newman - Peace and Love

I had a lot of fun making this sweet video for a sweet song. The message of the song is something I feel has real resonance. It was a pleasure to spread a bit of love with this one. David Newman - Peace and Love from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Best Fiends Forever Stop Motion

Check out this rad stop motion animation I made for Seriously's game Best Fiends Forever!  It was fun to make.  A bit of a behind the scenes: that's my hand and quite a bit of my own voice trying to sound like the slugs.  I shaved my hand for the shoot, it's still growing back!  :D


Wired - Superhero spot!

Check out this fun video I directed for Wired recently.  As a bonus, listen for my wife as the narrator!