Dark Side of The Moog


Here for your viewing enjoyment is a nice little video I made last year for The Boxing Lesson, a local band that makes incredible music. This is a good introduction video to get an understanding of my love for monsters and old school creature flicks. A group of astronauts embark to a strange and dangerous world.

You can find more great music from The Boxing Lesson here

P.S. New ericpowerup video is complete... just working on the sound and getting a score made right now.  Shouldn't be much longer.


My animation work

Hey everyone!

A new video should be out in a day or two, plus an epic one in about a week, but I wanted to share this little video with you highlighting some of my animation over the past few years. It's a good introduction to the many styles I've worked in and stories I've told. All the clips come from my animated music video work (which I'm slowly adding to this site). You can find all the music videos from my regular businessy website @ Clear Productions
And here's the demo reel... I like to make one every year with a nice classical tune... kinda like a quick impromptu music video in and of itself. This years tune is Blue Danube, made very popular in 2001 a Space Odyssey.


Ranger 3 - Sense of Direction

You can find out more about Ranger 3 here: Ranger 3 Official Website


In the Works

So here is a list of videos that are in the works.  Release dates aren't available since it's hard to tell which video will be done first.  If I had to venture a guess I would say the first episode of Pardon Our Pixels will be the one though... because... my dog smashed my finger in the door about a week ago which makes it real hard to cut out the paper necessary for two of the videos I decided on doing stop motion for.
The List:

Pardon Our Pixels: episode 1 
Why I love 90's gaming (a kind of live action/animation hybrid thingy)
an evil dead tribute (I've got a great idea for this one)




Swordplay a larp documentary full movie

Swordplay represents my first feature film.  It is a documentary on Amtgard, a live action role playing game (LARP).  I created it in 2005 and it went on to screen at several festivals and tons of conventions. The film is a mixture of live action and a whole bunch of animation.  Here now for your online viewing is the entire film in 4 parts.  I broke it down this way in order to make it as lag free as possible.  Let me know what you think of the film.  Please post your comments and questions so I can hear your thoughts/answer your queries.  
For a good viewing experience hit the full screen button!

More information about the film can be found here: SWORDPLAY
The films runtime is approx: 1 hour and 20 minutes