Zelda on Paper

Check out the adventures of Link on... PAPER!!!!


Woody said...

Good Stuf!! LOL!

I like how you did the Ruto and Link Scene witht he laugh and the scream he does! Hilarious!

You can't do the main Nintendo Characters without Mario though. What about Mario 64 or 3? You could take the goofiness from the games like you did in the Zelda ones and put it with the sound effects and music.

Bobburt444 said...

Hahaha love it. I love the Totoro reference!

Misael said...

I loved these videos so much, especially all the obvious "man, this where real life..." kind of situations, like the one where Link goes in the guy's home.

Ínfila said...


En el segundo vídeo, cuando narras la historia en los "Lost Woods", suena la canción de las tormentas... está hecho aposta? Porque mira que la canción de los Lost Woods es fácilmente reconocible xD

beau said...

suggestion: paper paper mario (mario)

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