Swordplay a larp documentary full movie

Swordplay represents my first feature film.  It is a documentary on Amtgard, a live action role playing game (LARP).  I created it in 2005 and it went on to screen at several festivals and tons of conventions. The film is a mixture of live action and a whole bunch of animation.  Here now for your online viewing is the entire film in 4 parts.  I broke it down this way in order to make it as lag free as possible.  Let me know what you think of the film.  Please post your comments and questions so I can hear your thoughts/answer your queries.  
For a good viewing experience hit the full screen button!

More information about the film can be found here: SWORDPLAY
The films runtime is approx: 1 hour and 20 minutes


QuantumWalker said...

I would like to say that this is a great documentary. I do not LARP but am trying to find a place near me that does. This was very well done and moving piece. You really conveyed the sense of comradery and positive nature that activities like these produce, as opposed to the negative image it would have recieved from the main stream. If I ever find an Amtgard group near me I will definately check them out.
And although I'm just some anonymous passerbyer of the internet I wish you and all your friends the best.

This is the QuantumWalker signing out.

Matt Wooding said...

This was an amazing documentary to watch man. While I don't LARP myself I have friends who do and I can also appreciate it for what it is; people getting together, being themselves, and having a good time. I can definitely see myself one day picking up a sword and joining Amtgard, thanks in no small part to this film :) Well done Eric!

Anonymous said...

I would tap dat ass

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aileen abel said...

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