Attack of the Demons is available to rent or purchase on VOD! 




The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends

Deep in the forest in a tucked away hollow lives a creature by the name of Stresselbee. Pull up a tree stump and join him for 7 tales of wonder! Adventurers in search of famed treasure, an old film shoot gone awry, a trip to a haunted museum, and more await you in The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends!


This project compiles 7 fun and diverse music videos I directed for Jesse Holden's album of the same name. You can snag a copy of this amazing collection of tracks, which include several not featured in our animations HERE



 You can now preorder the awesome soundtrack John Dixon created for Attack of the Demons on limited edition Pink Slime Vinyl thanks to the kind folks at Ship to Shore PhoneCo!  Each vinyl also comes with an insert of cut out characters from the film!  That's pretty cool!  


Here's what Ship to Shore has to say about the release

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is very proud to present John Dixon’s score to the acclaimed animated horror film Attack of the Demons, on vinyl!

Set in a small town in 1994, an apocalyptic cult is hell-bent on releasing demons upon the world. Three friends come together, becoming demon hunters in order to save their town and each other. 

Through its visually stunning paper animation, heartfelt storytelling and blood-pumping score, AOTD is quickly establishing itself as one of the most unique horror films to come out in recent years -- with director Eric Power (of Path of Blood fame) emerging as one of horror’s most exciting up-and-comers.  

In a sea of 80’s inspired synth scores, John Dixon truly sets himself apart with his beautiful guitar work, reminiscent of King Crimson’s Robert Fripp. He runs the gamut between raucous prog rock (on songs like “Attack of the Demons,” “Demon Invasion,” and “Cabin Assault,”) and sparse, atmospheric soundscapes (on songs like “Jeff and Kevin” and “Order of Seriph”). These emotionally charged and dynamic instrumentals bring to mind a pre-Dark Side Pink Floyd mixed with the thematic, soap opera-esque horror scores of the 1970’s (think Bob Cobert’s score for Dark Shadows). 

You can even recreate your favorite scenes from the film with the accompanying insert featuring paper cut-outs of the characters. Available now on limited edition pink/purple “Demon Drool” vinyl, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this modern horror classic!


Stresselbee & Friends - Vegetable Slave

 A friendship told through the seasons.

The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends: Season One
Episode 07: "Vegetable Slave" feat. Hoarse Hed of EPIDEMIKS
Animated/Directed by Eric Power
Produced by The Aardvarcheologist


Stresselbee & Friends - Vegetable Slave from Eric Power on Vimeo.



 Check out the full trailer for Attack of the Demons!


Attack of the Demons Release!

 At long last our animated horror feature, Attack of the Demons, is being released into the wild!  First to Virtual Cinemas on October 30th then to VOD on November 3rd.  More news to come, but this is super exciting! 

Stresselbee & Friends - Knuckle Sammich


Dark forces awake the giants resting in our world's hidden places. It's time to dish out some knuckle sandwiches! 

Pre-order the album: Stresselbee & Friends Bandcamp

The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends: Season One Episode 02: "Knuckle Sammich" f. Blu & Louis Logic Animated/Directed by Eric Power Additional vocals by DRUNX Scratches by Benjamin Tweedy Produced by The Aardvarcheologist


Stresselbee & Friends - Small Town


A cut paper animator creates havoc in the little paper world he plays in.
Episode 1 of the Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends

The Animated Misadventures of Stresselbee & Friends: Season One
Episode One: "Small Town" featuring Homeboy Sandman and MC Paul Barman
Produced by The Aardvarcheologist


Stresselbee & Friends - Small Town from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Kev Bev - Ghost Tower

 Spooky season is upon us! I am beyond excited to share GHOST TOWER, the creepiest, spookiest, halloweeny-est music video ever! Kev Bev gave me such an excellent song to work some seasonal magic on. The song pays tribute to the Old Sathorn building in Bangkok which legend tells is haunted!!!! Huddle close to your ghoul log and come along for a trip inside!

Check out Kev Bev on their official site HERE for more awesome music!


Kev Bev - Ghost Tower from Eric Power on Vimeo.