Path of Blood is in Fantastic Fest 2011!

My short film Path of Blood has been officially selected to screen at this years Fantastic Fest.  This is one of my favorite film festivals, I've been so excited to go this year.  Happily I will be attending as a filmmaker.  I couldn't be prouder of my little short.  I am extra excited due to my plans to make the feature version of Path o' blood.  I'm gonna be talking it up while I'm there, hopefully gaining some interest/supporters/producers (fingers crossed).  I'll be debuting the teaser poster for the film next month and will be making a limited amount of printed posters.  Stay tuned and consider donating.  There's a lot of cool stuff in it for ya! :D


Path of Blood Donations

In an effort to raise the funds for my feature length samurai film 'Path of Blood' I am setting up a donation system. I had previously featured a campaign to raise funds via kickstarter, and since I missed my lofty goal of 25,000 I decided to set it up as a direct to paypal donation here.  I have some exciting news coming about about the future of the video, but rest assured the film will be getting made.  I will use the funds to go straight into production on the film and get as much of it done as I can.  This works well, since I can get started on the animation portion of production and slowly save up for voice actors, the score, sound design, and promotions.  I will be honoring the same rewards I used on my kickstarter which are as follows:

$1 - My eternal gratitude, and knowing you helped contribute in a very real way to the creation of an independently produced feature animated film.

$5 - A special thanks in the credits of the film!

$25 - A DVD of the completed film and special thanks!

$50 - DVD of the film upon release, a 4 x 6 piece of art from the film (a character, weapon, etc), not a print, the real hand cut prop used in the animation process, and special thanks in the credits.

$100 - A larger 12 x 12 scene from the film, DVD, special thanks too!

$250 - Contribute a ninja death scream to the film! Plus all the above!

$500 - One of the full panoramic scenes from the film (these are the big backdrop scenes) OR one of my pieces of art from a previous project, DVD, and special thanks!

$1000 - Not only will you receive a large panoramic scene, but YOU yourself will be turned into a paper character and animated in a short standalone clip... and potentially make a cameo appearance as a background character in the film!

$2500 - Everything above AND Executive Producer credit in the film!

$5000 and up - email me and we can talk about making it a lucrative investment oppurtunity

If you have not seen the short film check it out!  It will give you an idea of what I am going for with the film, although it must be said the film version will be far more detailed in its design and animation and feature a very awesome story!