Driftwood - a short animation

click the full screen button for the big picture!
A short film made for Troika Moonshine 300, a group of writers who are tasked with creating short stories (300 words or less) based on 3 words given to them by another artist.
I was allowed to interpret my words visually!

The words were: driftwood, poncho, and sacrificial



In Cadeo - City Lights

My latest music video is now complete and ready to view! Check it out. The song is City Lights off of In Cadeo's full length album 'Making Our Graves'.


Metroid on Paper


Huxley Vertical - The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet



How to make an Origami Box

I made this little short a while back on a whim.  It's a brief animated tutorial on how to make an origami box.  Very useful thing to know how to do.  The music is by Eric Bohlke.  I think the tune really gives this animation a hypnotic feel.  Take a watch and judge for yourself! 


Many Birthdays - Day and Night in the Land of Creatures

This was my first reverse music video made back in 2006.  
It's Day and Night in the Land of Creatures!
Many Birthdays provide an excellent song to the animation, filled with excitement, suspense, and glee.