The Life Of Gamers

A mockumentary on the life of gamers! Directed and Animated by Eric Power.
Narration by Mike Jeavons whom you may know from the Shameful Sequels series of film reviews.
You can find his reviews here: Mike Jeavons on TGWTG Go under Articles to find em!


AM Syndicate - To the Peasants of the Emperor

Horray for Yarnimation!


The Pandas - Belly of the Whale music video

Here is my latest animated music video for The Pandas song "Belly of the Whale"
Take a look!
You can find more awesome music from The Pandas by visiting their site Pandaphonics


Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business - Whiskey Jesus

Traditional stop motion paper cutout stuff here. Take a watch as the blasphemy unfolds!
Side note: watch the red skeleton and think castlevania...you'll see what I mean. :D