Path of Blood Donations

In an effort to raise the funds for my feature length samurai film 'Path of Blood' I am setting up a donation system. I had previously featured a campaign to raise funds via kickstarter, and since I missed my lofty goal of 25,000 I decided to set it up as a direct to paypal donation here.  I have some exciting news coming about about the future of the video, but rest assured the film will be getting made.  I will use the funds to go straight into production on the film and get as much of it done as I can.  This works well, since I can get started on the animation portion of production and slowly save up for voice actors, the score, sound design, and promotions.  I will be honoring the same rewards I used on my kickstarter which are as follows:

$1 - My eternal gratitude, and knowing you helped contribute in a very real way to the creation of an independently produced feature animated film.

$5 - A special thanks in the credits of the film!

$25 - A DVD of the completed film and special thanks!

$50 - DVD of the film upon release, a 4 x 6 piece of art from the film (a character, weapon, etc), not a print, the real hand cut prop used in the animation process, and special thanks in the credits.

$100 - A larger 12 x 12 scene from the film, DVD, special thanks too!

$250 - Contribute a ninja death scream to the film! Plus all the above!

$500 - One of the full panoramic scenes from the film (these are the big backdrop scenes) OR one of my pieces of art from a previous project, DVD, and special thanks!

$1000 - Not only will you receive a large panoramic scene, but YOU yourself will be turned into a paper character and animated in a short standalone clip... and potentially make a cameo appearance as a background character in the film!

$2500 - Everything above AND Executive Producer credit in the film!

$5000 and up - email me and we can talk about making it a lucrative investment oppurtunity

If you have not seen the short film check it out!  It will give you an idea of what I am going for with the film, although it must be said the film version will be far more detailed in its design and animation and feature a very awesome story!