Playing with art supplies

Recently I've been experimenting with some new art supplies, thanks to art store gift cards I received this year. I found this really neat new line of sculpture materials from Crayola called Model Magic. It's weird stuff to work with. It is an air drying substance that is easy to mold and has the weight and feel of working with a large marshmallow, very strange indeed. I only tried it out once, but I am interested in seeing what can be done with this stuff. Right now, I kind of feel it is more for simple work, since it is difficult to do details in... but perhaps it just takes a bit of time to get used to the substance.
Here's a pic of a monster I made using it, below that is just a pic of my shelf since its been looking pretty colorful lately.
Happy New Years everyone!



The Lovely Sparrows - Take Care

Here for your viewing enjoyment is my 20th animated music video!!! This one is for The Lovely Sparrows song 'Take Care'.
The song is actually a cover of a Yo La Tengo song, which was itself a cover of a Big Star song. Very interesting life this song has had.


Holiday Gift Idea: Etched Pint Glass

Here's a little video I made to show you how to etch a pint glass! Woohoo! Fun Gift Idea!


Ragafuck - Microrhyzae

Here is a music video I made in December of 2007 for an excellent song from Ragapella (aka Ragafuck).


Driftwood - a short animation

click the full screen button for the big picture!
A short film made for Troika Moonshine 300, a group of writers who are tasked with creating short stories (300 words or less) based on 3 words given to them by another artist.
I was allowed to interpret my words visually!

The words were: driftwood, poncho, and sacrificial



In Cadeo - City Lights

My latest music video is now complete and ready to view! Check it out. The song is City Lights off of In Cadeo's full length album 'Making Our Graves'.


Metroid on Paper


Huxley Vertical - The Ballad of Lettice Finding and Oscar Cutlet



How to make an Origami Box

I made this little short a while back on a whim.  It's a brief animated tutorial on how to make an origami box.  Very useful thing to know how to do.  The music is by Eric Bohlke.  I think the tune really gives this animation a hypnotic feel.  Take a watch and judge for yourself! 


Many Birthdays - Day and Night in the Land of Creatures

This was my first reverse music video made back in 2006.  
It's Day and Night in the Land of Creatures!
Many Birthdays provide an excellent song to the animation, filled with excitement, suspense, and glee.


Many Birthdays - Days Like Turtles


Eric Bohlke - The Inventor

Vertigo Jones - The Strangest Things


Marquis of Vaudeville - Bright Star Hope

This video was made for Marquis of Vaudeville's song "Bright Star Hope"
Marquis of Vaudeville Myspace Page


In Cadeo -The Archer

In Cadeo Official Website


Hey La La - Art Of Toys

This video was done in 2007 and went on to be screened at SXSW 2008.  It is a mixture of my digital style with hand made 3 dimensional sets (namely the homes, and forest).  Craft wood is such a fun material to explore.  Enjoy!


The Lovely Sparrows - Year of The Dog

This video is for The Lovely Sparrows song "Year Of The Dog" off their full length album 'Bury the Cynics'. It's an excellent song, one that if you enjoy I guarantee you will love the rest of their album.
Lovely Sparrows official website


Top 10 Best Animated Films

Here is my pick for the top 10 best animated feature films.  Enjoy!


Seth Bedford - Waltz


The Life Of Gamers

A mockumentary on the life of gamers! Directed and Animated by Eric Power.
Narration by Mike Jeavons whom you may know from the Shameful Sequels series of film reviews.
You can find his reviews here: Mike Jeavons on TGWTG Go under Articles to find em!


AM Syndicate - To the Peasants of the Emperor

Horray for Yarnimation!


The Pandas - Belly of the Whale music video

Here is my latest animated music video for The Pandas song "Belly of the Whale"
Take a look!
You can find more awesome music from The Pandas by visiting their site Pandaphonics


Clyde and Clem's Whiskey Business - Whiskey Jesus

Traditional stop motion paper cutout stuff here. Take a watch as the blasphemy unfolds!
Side note: watch the red skeleton and think castlevania...you'll see what I mean. :D


Dark Side of The Moog


Here for your viewing enjoyment is a nice little video I made last year for The Boxing Lesson, a local band that makes incredible music. This is a good introduction video to get an understanding of my love for monsters and old school creature flicks. A group of astronauts embark to a strange and dangerous world.

You can find more great music from The Boxing Lesson here

P.S. New ericpowerup video is complete... just working on the sound and getting a score made right now.  Shouldn't be much longer.


My animation work

Hey everyone!

A new video should be out in a day or two, plus an epic one in about a week, but I wanted to share this little video with you highlighting some of my animation over the past few years. It's a good introduction to the many styles I've worked in and stories I've told. All the clips come from my animated music video work (which I'm slowly adding to this site). You can find all the music videos from my regular businessy website @ Clear Productions
And here's the demo reel... I like to make one every year with a nice classical tune... kinda like a quick impromptu music video in and of itself. This years tune is Blue Danube, made very popular in 2001 a Space Odyssey.


Ranger 3 - Sense of Direction

You can find out more about Ranger 3 here: Ranger 3 Official Website


In the Works

So here is a list of videos that are in the works.  Release dates aren't available since it's hard to tell which video will be done first.  If I had to venture a guess I would say the first episode of Pardon Our Pixels will be the one though... because... my dog smashed my finger in the door about a week ago which makes it real hard to cut out the paper necessary for two of the videos I decided on doing stop motion for.
The List:

Pardon Our Pixels: episode 1 
Why I love 90's gaming (a kind of live action/animation hybrid thingy)
an evil dead tribute (I've got a great idea for this one)




Swordplay a larp documentary full movie

Swordplay represents my first feature film.  It is a documentary on Amtgard, a live action role playing game (LARP).  I created it in 2005 and it went on to screen at several festivals and tons of conventions. The film is a mixture of live action and a whole bunch of animation.  Here now for your online viewing is the entire film in 4 parts.  I broke it down this way in order to make it as lag free as possible.  Let me know what you think of the film.  Please post your comments and questions so I can hear your thoughts/answer your queries.  
For a good viewing experience hit the full screen button!

More information about the film can be found here: SWORDPLAY
The films runtime is approx: 1 hour and 20 minutes


Stenciling my pool table

I decided to paint my pool table this weekend after having the idea of these branches and birds.  I had a bit of trouble at first, but soon found a good way to achieve this effect.  It works very well on flat surfaces with little bumps and doesn't cost much at all.  I used contact paper with designs cut out and first tried spray painting it.  This was a bad idea and ended up seeping through the edges.  I found it works best to use a precision brush and carefully layer the exposed area.  Latex paint worked well.  It was pretty simple.  I may add more to the table in the future.  The great thing is if I ever get tired of it I can totally redo it.  


Soaring Soofy

Soaring Soofy
Me and Soofy directed a little cartoon today!  It was a lot of fun.  Shawn Jones provided some great music for it.  Have a watch!


The Soofy Travel Project

I am taking part something really cool called The Soofy Travel Project, where a little robot doll is sent around the world to various artists and do gooders for a little visit and a bit of inspiration. I just received him yesterday and am working on something fun. I may be done later today with it but we will see. Anyways, take a look at how cool this little guy is!!
For more information on the project visit the website: 
this project was created by the wonderful Karen Abad


New Poster Design

Napoli Comicon 2009

I'm happy to announce that my animated music videos have been selected to screen at the Napoli Comicon this year! They are showing all of my videos in a special section on Saturday night.

I wish I could be there!!!


Pictures from Coachella



more test art

Digital Doodling