One Second Per Day 2014 (FIRST HALF)

Check out the first half of 2014 with us! This year we decided to focus on our daughter Lily. Grow Lily, Grow!


Ephemerid: a musical adventure game

Earlier this year I was approached to make a game trailer for Super Chop Games latest release: Ephemerid. The art in the game was created mostly from cut paper! Matt and Brent from Super Chop gave me full creative freedom to reinterpret their game in my own style of cut paper animation. Here are the results!
The game is super cool!  It is a musical adventure where you help a mayfly through a most atypical day (I think...although I am not a mayfly so can't be sure).  It's a heck of an experience and I think a ton of people are really going to dig it. The game is now available for iPad and you can find out more about it from Super Chop Games site.  If you have the means, definitely give this one a go.