New short film coming soon

I've been working on a new mini short film for about two weeks in my spare time.  The animation is starting to come together now that characters have been designed and I've settled on a story.  The film is more of a slice of life, a small glimpse into the world of a new father as he takes care of his little monster in the wee hours of the morn'. It's inspired by real events!  As it is a very small production, I figure I should be finished pretty soon.  If people like it, perhaps I'll flesh out the concept more in the future.  Enjoy these screen grabs in the meantime!


Facebook 'Paper' ad

Earlier this year I was asked to create a small animation for Facebook's advertisement of 'Paper' - a new mobile app they developed.
I animated a crazy cat in space which I took to calling Cat Cadet.  It's featured in the advertisement a few times.  They cast a guy that plays the part of the animator, so you get to see him playing with the props I made on a lightbox, shooting a frame, and very interestingly getting an ultrasound picture from his partner at the end of the video.  I like to think since I told the client my daughter was on the way, they wrote that part into the ad.  I'm probably wrong, but it's super cool regardless.  It's like a bizarro version of me (with the ability to grow facial hair, and with a better studio setup).
Below is the ad followed by a few stills I grabbed showing my 'part' in the whole thing. :D
A huge thanks to everyone at Wieden + Kennedy for commissioning me!


Current work update


2014 is shaping up to be a very eventful year.  My animation output has been steady, although some of my work has yet to be released.  I'm currently about to start animating a really fun project I've been preparing for a local game developer.  The artwork I've designed for this animation is some of my most detailed yet.  I'm very interested in seeing how it turns out. 

In my spare time, I am working on some pre-production for a short animated film I would like to make.  It's an in-between projects thing, since I still very much want to take on some more animation jobs. 

On top of these small projects, I am planning something quite a bit more ambitious with a friend of mine.  It's all a bit top secret, suffice to say, we have been forming a plan for the past year and have been kicking this grand idea around for the past 5 years.  Hopefully it will come to fruition.

On the Path of Blood front.  Still waiting to hear back from festivals.  My fingers are permanently crossed at the moment.  I put a ton of work into the project, so I am very anxious to show off my efforts. 
Stay tuned!