Facebook 'Paper' ad

Earlier this year I was asked to create a small animation for Facebook's advertisement of 'Paper' - a new mobile app they developed.
I animated a crazy cat in space which I took to calling Cat Cadet.  It's featured in the advertisement a few times.  They cast a guy that plays the part of the animator, so you get to see him playing with the props I made on a lightbox, shooting a frame, and very interestingly getting an ultrasound picture from his partner at the end of the video.  I like to think since I told the client my daughter was on the way, they wrote that part into the ad.  I'm probably wrong, but it's super cool regardless.  It's like a bizarro version of me (with the ability to grow facial hair, and with a better studio setup).
Below is the ad followed by a few stills I grabbed showing my 'part' in the whole thing. :D
A huge thanks to everyone at Wieden + Kennedy for commissioning me!