I've been on a framing kick lately and have been experimenting with a new cutout style. These are a few of the images I've been playing with. These simple pictures are a prelude to some pretty crazy things I have planned on a larger scale. So far I'm having a good time with it, but have had a little difficulty finding the right glue to use. I think I have it down now though.

Things to be thankful for

Another Thanksgiving come and gone. It's a good time of year. The trees are changing colors, there is time to retrospect.... it's good. Here's a few photos that sum up my thanksgiving experience. I hope you all made some great memories!


side projects

I'm working on a few different side projects on top of the music video work. I decided to begin messing around a bit with sculpture since it's fun playing with clay! Also, I've really wanted to start doing large scale pieces to hang on my wall or sell. I love the idea of something I made hanging on someone else's wall. I have tons of blanks spots in my house that need art and I've given most of my stuff away to friends. TIME TO MAKE MORE!


what I'm up to

Right now I'm in mid production on a new music video. It's an entirely different style of music than the videos I've done in the past. I'm hoping to have it complete in early to mid December. I'm anxious to get this one out, since I have a great idea for my next video (if I can find the right song/artist) that I'd love to get working on for a early January release!


Hello there dear readers,

I decided to create a blog as a complement to my site at clearproductions.net.
I wanted to have an easy way to share some behind the scenes stuff with you, cool things I'm into, and other random diversions.

Hopefully I will be able to share some fun things with you and in return I'd love it if you did likewise. Let's be friends!


About Eric Power

Hey everyone!  Here's a little bit about me!

I have been crafting exciting animated films in a wide array of styles for over a decade.  In this time, I've directed 38 animated music videos, several short films, webisodes, advertisements, and two long form documentaries.  After gaining acclaim for my animation output, I decided it was time to venture into the world of feature animated films.  In 2011 I began production on Path of Blood, which I both directed and animated independently.  The film is currently complete and soon to be released on blu ray and other digital platforms.

I currently live in Austin Texas, with my beautiful wife Alicia, and my children; Lily & Shea.

Check out my 2016 Demo Reel to get a glimpse at what I do:

Eric Power: 2016 DEMO REEL (Stop Motion Animator) from Eric Power on Vimeo.