My Animated Save the Date

Next May I'm getting married!  Woohoo!  Alicia and I decided to announce our date in a fun way.  So... as you would expect I animated it.


Path of Blood Official Trailer #1

The time has come! Check out the first official trailer for my feature animated film: Path of Blood!

Path of Blood Official Trailer #1 from Eric Power on Vimeo.


1 sec / Day 9 month Update!

Check out the latest edit of the one second per day project!  9 months!

One Second Per Day (the first 9 months!) from Eric Power on Vimeo.


Path of Blood is complete!

Path of Blood is done! I finally finished this crazy project. I'm very excited to start the process of showing the film now! Stay on the lookout. Things are about to get bloody interesting! On a side note: If you are in need of some animation or a music video perhaps, let me know. I'm free!