Paul Jacks - Lightning Lobotomy

After taking time off to create my feature film, Attack of the Demons, I am back with my first of several music videos of 2019!

Paul Jacks came to me with this excellent track off his debut album, Defractor.  The song spoke to my own wanderlust, so I chose to explore a character who is seemingly on an endless journey.  I wondered what the repercussions would be of a life spent in the air.  Would everything begin to bleed together? 
I opted to dive into abstraction to explore these ideas.  Unlike many videos I've directed, I decided not to focus heavily on a narrative structure.  This ended up being a very challenging project to wrap my head around, but I am quite pleased with the results of my experimentation.  Take a look!

To support the fantastic soundscapes Paul Jacks is creating, visit his site: Tritone Records