My Desk at the moment

So here is what my workspace is looking like right now.  I'm working on a bunch of ideas and preparing stuff for a ton of new videos.  At the moment I am juggling my ericpowerup work with my music video work.  This is probably the busiest I've ever been.  I don't want to rush my videos though, so I will be approaching my work in a relatively methodical way and taking my time to make sure I'm happy with the results.  I am extremely excited about some of this new content though!
It's going to be a really busy fall I can tell you that!  Videos are already planned and queued up for around 2 months solid.  Now if I could just get that cloning machine to work... 


New music vid still

So I'm busy working on a new music video while I'm also working on some new ericpowerup content. I must say though I'm pretty excited about this new video so far, the stuff I've designed as of now is looking pretty neat in that spooky kind of way. We'll see how it works out. Here's a test still:


Zelda on Paper episodes 1-5

All 5 episodes of Zelda on Paper plus a bonus METROID on PAPER!

Jeremy Messersmith - Organ Donor

Check out my latest animated music video for Jeremy Messersmith's song Organ Donor off his fantastic new album The Reluctant Graveyard!


Thoughts on Film: The Adventures of Prince Achmed