Path of Blood - The Videogame!!

What if Path of Blood had a tie in video game?  What sort of game would that be?  Well, I wanted to answer my own question, so I made a 'what if' video to showcase what (in my mind) it would look like.  Being a longtime fan of games such as Shinobi and Contra, I always imagined a game of my own design would follow suit and exist as a traditional side scrolling platformer.  Like many tie in games for films, I decided to throw in a ton of elements that are absolutely not in the movie... why... I have no idea.  Many Birthdays created an awesome version of the film's main theme, reworked to sound like a 90's era game! I love it so much!!!

So... what do you think?  Would you play something like this? 
Path of Blood the film is coming soon (no joke)! More info. on that relatively soon. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what to do with it. Stay tuned!