what's been going on

Hey everyone!

So a quick update as to my June happenings.
I am working on a new animated music video for a really awesome song. I'm looking to have it complete by the end of the month. It involves skeletons! Test still below.

I am also planning two new series for ericpowerup. One of em you already heard of: Voyages In Space. The second is more in line with what my past ericpowerup have been and concerns gaming. I'm still working on the details, but rest assured I will be kicking things up a notch. The first episode will probably appear in early July if all goes well.
So all this stuff is in the works all at the same time, and while we wait for the new content to come up I am slowly releasing my past work over at That Guy With the Glasses. I am also doing updates to some of these videos and adding special content into them to keep things fresh. The new versions will premiere on the site throughout the coming weeks, so you should head over there and check those out.
One thing I am excited to post up is my Zelda on Paper episodes. I am going to put them all together into one video for your viewing convenience and include some new content in there as well which means it's back to the ole paper cutting in a bit! Should be fun.
Ohhhh also I have two music videos complete as of right now, neither of which has aired yet. I'm not sure exactly when they will be released since the band has the ultimate decision, but am excited to show them off!
And here is a test still from my upcoming video.... it's basically a style test but it looks neat so far I think! :D
take care everyone, talk soon.