the latest news

It's full steam ahead in the studio this year. Next week a new music video should be coming out and I am in mid production on yet another. I've been continuing to work in the medium of paper and I must say I'm learning quite a bit. I've got the glue situation figured out (although I noticed the yellow paper I use turns a bright orange if you let glue touch it...and it stays that way!).
I'm working on a series of framed pieces in my spare time. They are coming together really well. I have plans for them that will be revealed sometime next month I think.

Basically the plan is to get everything ready and blast it all in February to officially kick off work in the new year. I'm always extremely excited to show what I've been up to. This is probably the longest it has taken to get the projects I've been working on into the public sphere. My last video came out in November and I've been working on these ever since.

Good stuff on the way. When I complete some of these frames I'll post a few pictures of the series.