The Adventures of Clayman

Here for your viewing enjoyment are three claymations I made way back when I was first starting out as an animator. The story goes:
One day I went to the art store and bought a few blocks of clay. As I was fooling around with it suddenly a person was formed. His name.... Clayman! As soon as I got a look at him I knew he had a personality of his own. The following three episodes are a good introduction to him. I've shot about 30-40 minutes of animation with him, a lot of which is yet to be finished. I've been meaning to get back to his adventuring sometime soon. It's long overdue. In the future I think he will be sporting some new clothes!
The Episodes are placed in order of creation. ENJOY!

Clayman in 'The Last Supper' from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Clayman in "Clay and Able" from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Clayman in A Shocking Discovery from Eric Power on Vimeo.