On October 31st, 1994, an all-night movie marathon aired in Barrington, CO.
Movie Tron started their block of programming with Path of Blood, a 70's era chanbara samurai film.
The broadcast offers clues into the mysterious tragedy that befell the town.

The Broadcast ends October 31st at Midnight! 

About Path of Blood: 
Japan, 1614. War is over. Masterless samurai displaced through defeat or reform wander the countryside as Ronin, seeking work where they can find it. Rumors tell of a mountain path, where the brave few can test their skills in battle and live or die by the sword. Yet, none who choose the path of blood ever return. 
Path of Blood is a cut paper samurai film set during the early years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Expect savvy swordsmen, deadly ninja, political intrigue, and gory mayhem!!! Path of Blood is the first feature animated film from director/animator Eric Power with a score by John Dixon! 
The film is currently available on Blu Ray with a bunch of special features from Synapse Films!

About Attack of the Demons 
The year is 1994... For centuries, a demonic cult has been plotting the destruction of mankind. When a small Colorado town is overrun by a legion of mutating demons, three non-demon hunter friends must use every skill their minds can fathom to stave off the demon apocalypse. 
AotD is the second feature animated film Directed/Animated by Eric Power. The film was written by Andreas Petersen with a score by John Dixon. Attack of the Demons is currently playing film festivals. Look for a screening near you.