May Update

 There's been a lot going on in the studio lately. I am wrapping a sweet new music video consisting of some of the most detailed nature work I've done yet. So fun! I am also chipping away at Papercuts and recently surpassed the hour mark! Getting close. Some good news is on the way from the Brambletown project I worked on all of 2022 as well and a very special double feature music video I completed last year is going to be released soon. 

I'm still looking for a home for When You Get To The Forest. I remain hopeful that we will be able to share this very special feature with you soon. Patience has always been the name of the game in this wild world of animation and it's almost time for all that patience to pay off. Can't wait to share these films with you all! 



 I am getting very close to wrapping animation on a film 20+ years in the making. Papercuts is an animated memoir about the trials, terrors, and triumphs of a life in the arts. I am working on the film in my spare time using the scraps of paper accumulated over my many years working in the glorious medium of paper stop motion! A tie in graphic memoir is also planned! Keep an eye out for it, and until then, check out the first poster. :D




The Brake Lights - Stumble


This year, I was thrilled to be able to work on a special, and downright spooky music video for The Brake Lights new single 'Stumble' off their soon to be released LP! Feel the haunting chill of the wind as you gaze upon the denizens of the cemetery and their wild night on the town!